Personal Tracking & Lone Worker Protection

Employers have responsibilities under duty-of-care health and safety at work legislation for ensuring their employees are working in a safe environment. Kinishi Solo provides a means for you to ensure lone worker protection and demonstrate legal compliance by providing vital assurances about the whereabouts and wellbeing of field workers whose activities may frequently involve them being away from their base and vehicle.

The situations in which your workers regularly find themselves, and how you identify potential risk, will determine your choice of features. Some lone workers such as sales staff, service engineers and healthcare workers may travel whilst others such as cleaners and maintenance personnel may remain on-site but work alone or outside normal office hours. Some, such as security staff, may fall into both categories.

In today's tough business climate, organisations should be looking at solutions which will help them ensure that their mobile workforce is as efficient and productive as possible. Kinishi Solo is able to assist by delivering complete visibility of your workforce both historically and in real-time. One example is geo-fencing which has become a useful tool in automatically monitoring the arrival and departure of vehicles at pre-determined locations and this same feature can also be applied to the monitoring of mobile personnel.

Unlike a mobile phone, all of our personal monitoring devices provide an alert button and it is up to the individual organisation to decide how notifications should be managed. Some of our devices can also be configured to detect a fall, impact or lack of movement and automatically report such incidents without interaction. Responses can be escalated according to a pre-determined plan, voice channels can be opened if your chosen device supports it and the worker’s nearest colleagues can be automatically notified.

The feeling that Big Brother is watching will be appreciated by the lone security guard in an isolated industrial estate at 3am or the care worker visiting patients in their own homes. The electricity worker investigating a power cut at a remote high-altitude location hundreds of yards from their vehicle will be especially reassured as will many other lone workers.