Capture Data & Reduce Paperwork

The Kinishi inForm mobile data capture solution can greatly improve customer service, security and process-management. Not only can it enable you to track consignments from despatch to delivery in real-time, but it can actually be used in any workflow process such as time & parts booking or servicing, maintenance and inspections.

We have taken Apple’s range of consumer devices and transformed them into a rugged Proof of Delivery and Data Capture platform. The proven high-quality iOS operating system and development tools enable us to provide bespoke data-capture features potentially saving you from any development overhead of your own.

All devices have a 3.5-inch hi-resolution widescreen display with capacitive multi-touch capabilities and stylus support for high-quality signature capture. Options include support for GPS location capture, GSM, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth communication, barcode scanner, magnetic stripe reader and a rechargeable battery supporting 10,000+ scans and swipes on a full charge.

Specific models are able to withstand a drop onto concrete from 1.8m (6') and have been independently tested and certified to meet the conditions outlined in US Department of Defence MIL-STD-810F and UK Department of Defence DEF STAN 00-35. These include environmental testing standards for rain, dust, grit, vibration, shock, temperature and humidity.

The fully-customisable Kinishi inForm interface can enable you to:

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