For Cars, Vans & HGVs

Monitoring the vehicle’s engine management system is a proven method for analysing vehicle or driver performance and FleetSure is able to combine data from a vehicle’s CANbus, FMS or OBD interface with key metrics from our other sensors.

Live and historic data can be analysed by driver, vehicle, division or entire fleet irrespective of each vehicle’s location. The resulting reports and graphical summaries will enable you to pre-empt maintenance, minimise wear, educate drivers and reduce fuel consumption – all leading to reduced costs and improved safety.

The actual data available to the FleetSure EMS interfaces will depend on the brand, model and configuration of each vehicle and may include:

Speed & Cruise
  • Speed
  • Cruise control active
  • Odometer
  • Over speeding
  • Cruise time, speed & fuel
  • Coasting
Harsh Driving
  • Accelerator pedal position
  • Excessive acceleration
  • Uneven speed pattern
  • Extreme fuel consumption
  • Green band driving
  • Harsh brake indicators
  • Engine hours
  • Engine Coolant temperature
  • Oil temperature, level & pressure
  • Actual engine torque
  • Turbo pressure
Tachograph Info
  • Work status
  • Speed
  • Performance, handling & event status
  • Driver ID
Brake Analysis
  • Brake switch
  • Parking brake
  • Brake information
  • Retarder & engine brake
  • Brake distance
Power Take Off Analysis
  • PTO active
  • Fuel used PTO active
  • PTO duration
  • PTO activations
Fuel Analysis
  • Fuel level
  • Total fuel used
  • Actual fuel consumption
  • Fuel used idle active
  • Idle analysis
Clutch & Gear
  • Clutch switch
  • RPM
  • Selected gear information
  • Reverse
  • Over revving
  • Service distance
  • Axle weight
  • Vehicle ID
  • Ambient air temperature
  • Barometric pressure
  • AdBlue catalyst level
This list is not exhaustive and can be extended on a per-project basis.

The FleetSure EMS interface technology is read-only and does not interfere with the vehicle CANbus network. When required, an optional passive connection can be used to read the vehicle signals without making a wire to wire connection or breaking the vehicle’s wiring-insulation. This technology guarantees that no intrusive signals are sent to the vehicle CANbus eliminating liability and warranty issues.

Vehicle and driver performance can be monitored both live and retrospectively by the fleet operator and other permitted parties. An in-cab display can also be used to notify drivers of driving style issues during a trip. Driver specific feedback and education can lead to fleet-wide average fuel consumption reductions of 6% to 16%.

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