Driver identification links individual drivers to vehicle activity and, when coupled with our vehicle immobiliser, ensures that only authorised drivers (with a required license and/or training certificate) can start specific vehicles providing enhanced vehicle and cargo security.

With enhanced accountability, drivers become instantly responsible for their behaviour leading to reductions in vehicle misuse, accidents and motoring offences. Driving style reports can also help educate drivers to assist in the reduction of operating costs.

Crew identification links all personnel to vehicle activity and, when coupled with the Dispatcher module, enables the dynamic allocation of jobs based on skill-set and experience.

Duty of care and the Working Time Directive are addressed through the automatic monitoring of time & attendance data and the separation of personal / company mileage. Different identification methods provide different levels of accountability however all methods eliminate the possibility of falsifying records which exists with manual recording procedures.

FleetSure identification options

Driver Crew Accountability
Fingerprint High Identifies one crew member at a time.
iButton Moderate Identifies one crew member at a time.
Tachograph Moderate
RFID Low to Moderate Automatically identifies all crew members at once.
Also able to identify solo drivers without crew.
PIN Code Low

Kinishi is the only telematics vendor providing the highest possible level of driver accountability and remotely managed vehicle security using biometric (fingerprint) identification. Drivers or crew members are enrolled once, either in the fleet office or from any designated vehicle, after which they simply touch the identification sensor of the vehicle they want to start. This option provides the highest level of accountability as personnel cannot exchange or steal fingers like they can a PIN code or tag.

The iButton interface requires a driver or crew member to be issued with a physical ‘tag’ which must be momentarily inserted into a reader each time they are required to identify themselves. This is a low-cost option providing a moderate level of accountability.

Our Engine Management System (EMS) interface can optionally integrate with a vehicle’s Tachograph to provide a moderate level of accountability without a driver doing anything special to identify themselves.

The RFID interface requires each crew member to be issued with a physical ‘tag’ which they will simply be required to carry about their person. The vehicle’s RFID receiver will wirelessly detect each on-board tag without crew members taking any action.

PIN codes are entered via the touch-screen display of an integrated GarminTM navigator or alternatively using a dedicated keypad. This provides a low level of accountability at a minimal cost when already deploying GarminTM navigators to support the FleetSure Messenger or Dispatcher modules.


The identification technologies are all very different however they utilise a common platform and their management interfaces are almost identical enabling a mix of technologies to be deployed as required.

Irrespective of the identification method, a driver can be enrolled either at the office or from a remote vehicle. Once enrolled, a driver’s authorisation to use specific vehicles can be remotely granted or revoked at any time.

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