Optimised Scheduling & Routing

FleetSure Dispatcher is an optimised scheduling and routing solution for fleet management, field service management, mobile workforce management and collection / delivery companies.

Without any upfront costs, the monthly or quarterly subscription is simply based on the number of vehicles or drivers to be included in the optimisation process. In-line with all FleetSure systems, Dispatcher supports an unlimited number of users without any additional cost.

For all workflow styles, Dispatcher provides a seamless connection with an in-cab Garmin™ navigator. Changes to a schedule can be communicated to a driver in seconds, drivers can respond as require and car, van & truck friendly routing enables drivers to navigate to a destination using the fastest most fuel efficient route without entering any address information themselves.

Scalable to grow with your business, whether you currently have one or one-hundred vehicles, job data can be entered manually via an intuitive web-interface or imported from your existing systems. Irrespective of the size of your fleet, Dispatcher can take into account the following:

How it works

Dispatcher will generate a schedule that minimises the total working time (driving time, idle time & time on site of the fleet whilst balancing the workload across all of the available drivers. Any routes that are under-utilised or have spare capacity are highlighted and the user has full control to manually adjust schedules and move jobs between drivers as they see fit.

Once a job is scheduled, customers can be automatically notified of their approximate estimated time of arrival (ETA) via email, text message or an automated voice call and you should have confidence that promised timeslots will be met. The jobs themselves can be automatically sent to the driver’s in-cab Garmin™ navigator and the driver can respond via the Garmin™ navigator as required.

Dispatcher is seamlessly integrated with other FleetSure modules and can therefore provide invaluable knowledge by automatically comparing live driver and vehicle activity against planned routes and schedules. Customers can be notified of an impending arrival or alerts can be triggered, for the operator and optionally the customer, if an unexpected delay means missing a timeslot later in the day.

All of the data produced by Dispatcher can be tightly integrated with other FleetSure modules including track & trace, driving style, fuel consumption and proof-of-delivery (POD). Cumulative data, charts and key performance indicators (KPIs), such as the percentage of on-time deliveries, can also be presented. All data is available as ‘end of day’ and longer-term historic reports. All data is also accessible as PDF, Microsoft Excel™ and CSV files or via our Application Programming Interface (API).

This gives transport managers real-time visibility of how the day’s plan is progressing and willenable them to quickly and easily see where problems, such as delays or excess mileage, have occurred and drill down to the source of these problems. When relevant, these observations can be used to automatically refine future schedules.

Optimised routes and smarter job assignments will enable you to streamline your business operation, reduce your running costs and improve your customer service.

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